Tournament 2023

Premiere of our international 9PIN Bowling competition!

In August, it's finally time for our Scandinavian Crown competition!

A competition that will be played in three classes - Men, Female and Para (players with intellectual or physical disability). The competition begins with a qualifying round of 120 throws. The 18 best men and 12 best ladies goes to the Sunday's final game. The 6 best para players will play final after the inauguration on friday 25 august.  

In the final, all players start from scratch (zero points) and the final are played, like the qualifier, over 120 throws.  

NOTE:   We have reserved 60 starting places for international players in the competition.

Participation fee

Men and female players - 30 euros

Para players - 20 euros

Game days

23-25 Aug - Qualifying round for players from Sweden

23-26 Aug - Qualifying international players and Swedish Elite

25 Aug - Inauguration and Club Evening in the arena

26 Aug - Banquet

27 Aug - Final

Detailed game schedule will be sent to registered players and associations in good time.

Price checks

Awarded to the top three players in each class.

First place - 500 euros

Second place - 350 euros

Third place - 150 euros