Västerås is Sweden's fifth largest city with 158,000 inhabitants. The city is founded on the lake Mälaren and in 1990, the city celebrated its 1,000th anniversary.

Technology companies such as ABB, Hitachi and Northvolt are active in the city and the university educat boys and girls to Sweden's most "engineered city".

Ice hockey, Bandy, Football and of course 9 PIN Bowling are big sports in our city and famous athletes such as Niklas Lidström (Ice hockey), Victor Nilsson Linderlöf (Football), Elin Cederroos (Boxning), Jonna Adlerteg (Gymnastics) and Jenny Smevold (9Pin Bowling) comes and/or lives in Västerås.

When you are in Västerås, you must not miss a visit to any of the town's cafés. In the summer, Västerås is a wonderful gem on the shores of Lake Mälaren and the town really comes to life.

Sweden's capital, Stockholm, is close to Västerås and offers you a wide range of activities and experiences. A warm welcome to Västerås, Sweden and the SCANDINAVIAN CROWN!