9PIN Bowling Arena

Castellum sports center

Address:     Lugna gatan 18!~59.62539,16.57023,13.098748276398076z/tr!i=6B55b7vB/route!wt=car!n=Hotel%20Plaza%2C%20Kopparbergsv%C3%A4gen%20V%C3%A4ster%C3%A5s,Lugna%20Gatan%2018%2C%20V%C3%A4ster%C3%A5s!c=59.61083:16.54974,59.64001:16.59104?usergeo=1

(4 km from the central parts of Västerås)

Bus - to and from the arena

Bus number 4

You are able to buy a ticket directly on the bus with a bank card (if you have the "blip" feature enabled)

Tickets can be purchased with bank card or cash (SEK) at the VL customer center located inside the railway station in Västerås.       Address: Södra Ringvägen

It is also possible to buy tickets in the VL app - which can be downloaded from the App Store. In the app, purchases can be made with bank card and in settings you can choose Swedish or English menus.

Car parking at the arena

There is a limited number of parking lots outside the arena.

Pressductorgränd - 100 parking lots (approx. 100 meters from the arena),+721+36+V%C3%A4ster%C3%A5s/@59.6417612,16.5903923,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x465e66dbf592d73d:0x604ff42bb45a291b!8m2!3d59.6409478!4d16.5897539

Nätverksgatan - more then 300 parking lots (approx. 250 meters from the arena),+721+36+V%C3%A4ster%C3%A5s/@59.6376493,16.5919221,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x465e66d9a17b18b9:0xf63a0262c60b7a7b!8m2!3d59.6376493!4d16.5919221

Payment ONLY in the Easypark app - downloaded from the App Store.


Sweden Taxi   phone + 46 21 170 000

Taxi Kurir       phone: +46 21 12 22 22

(The hotel can help you with booking)

Please visit if you are curious about Västerås