On Saturday 26 August, a banquet will be held at Hotel Plaza in central Västerås after the qualifying round. Participation in the banquet is paid by each participant on site before dinner. 

The banquet ticket includes a three-course dinner with a table drink and each ticket costs 550 SEK (about 52 Euros). Alcohol can of course be purchased separately in the restaurant bar (Table drink - Sparkling / still water or soda).

Last day to register for the banquet:    14 August 

Menu    "A taste of Scandinavia!"

Baked pike-perch, butter sauteed chantarelles, crayfishoil.

Main cours:
Venison, portwinesauce, potatopuree with lemon & tarragon, pickled beetroot.

Almond ice-cream, cloudberries, vanilla chantilly cream.